We’re the talent experts

Hiring is just one of the many tasks in your day – and can sometimes distract you from other priorities. But with a partner focused on consistently delivering the most highly qualified engineering, manufacturing and administrative talent, you’ll have more time to focus on your core business.

Unlike many clerical, manufacturing or engineering recruiting agencies, at Pro Talent Group we take a customized approach to serving the needs of each individual client. No matter what your industry or specific talent needs, you’ll have a strategy that works with your organization, not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Our professionals are focused on helping you achieve your business goals:

  •  Identify and attract highly qualified talent

  •  Increase retention and engagement

  •  Protect your bottom line and drive revenue

  •  Add flexibility to your workforce

When considering engineering and manufacturing recruiting firms or clerical temp agencies, begin with Pro Talent Group.

Our services:


Balance variable workloads, busy seasons and project-based requirements with skilled contingent help. We specialize in providing highly qualified associates on demand, so you can scale your workforce up and down as needed.


Try one of our associates at your location before committing to hiring them. This option reduces your risk of making a bad hire by evaluating their skills, work ethic and overall fit into your organization before adding them to the team.

Direct Hire

We recruit, interview and refer candidates who meet all your requirements and impress our recruiters with their skills, experience and professionalism. We present a select few highly qualified candidates for your consideration.