Pro Talent Group Is Your One-Stop Job Shop

Pro Talent Group offers a range of desirable opportunities in engineering, manufacturing and administration for skilled, dedicated professionals looking to succeed. Take advantage of our employer network, dedication to the right fit and unrivalled  customer service to find your next position.

People We Place

 Engineering  Manufacturing  Administrative
CAD Leads Call Center Representatives
CNC Quality Call Center Managers
Designers Operations Managers Call Center Directors
Drafters Operations Directors Executive Administrators
Electrical Engineers Health & Safety General Clerical
Mechanical Engineers Supervisors Legal Administrators
Process Engineers Paralegals
Quality Engineers Receptionists
Sales Engineers

If you’re looking for a professional job placement agency or an engineering job placement agency that can help you find the right fit or if you’re having trouble connecting with employers for administrative or manufacturing jobs, get in touch with Pro Talent Group – we’re your one-stop shop!