Ways to Effectively Create Employee Development Plans

An employee development plan should be intentionally created to provide direction, add skills and advance their careers. These plans are important so they should be prepared with focus and attention.

  • Consider Business Goals

When you create employee development plans, you should consider the short- and long-term business goals of the company as well. Will you need a new manager in a few years? You may be able to look to your current employees and take steps to prepare them for promotions.

You can then consider which employees might be good for that future position and be sure to slowly start training and grooming them for this advancement.

  • Talk to Your Employees

As you are creating employee development plans, schedule time to talk to your employees individually. Understand their career goals, what skills they would like to learn, where they see themselves in the future or what success looks like to them. These meetings can be informal and friendly, but let your employees know your ultimate goal is to help create an effective development plan for them.

  • Explore a Variety of Training Programs

Once you get feedback from your employees and begin to thoughtfully create employee development plans, you should research a variety of training programs. While some options may be expensive, there are many other options that can fit within your office budget. Here are some ideas:

  • Stretch assignments and special projects
  • Working directly with an expert
  • Set up one-on-one coaching or mentoring
  • Utilize local networking groups

Become a Strong Leader for Your Talented Team

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