How to Get the Most Out of a Job Fair

One approach to recruiting that has typically been successful is the career or job fair. It’s an excellent way to meet and mingle with a diverse talent pool and to prequalify candidates for any openings you might have in the future.

Whether you’re a veteran of countless job fairs or this is your first, here are some suggestions to make the most of your experience:

  • Choose your booth and make sure you have help to set it up.

If your company has more than one booth for special events, pick the one that will attract the attention of potential candidates. Check with the event coordinators to make sure the booth size meets their criteria, and bring along a helper if you’re not sure you can set it up by yourself.

  • Bring promotional materials.

Aside from bringing plenty of your business cards, you can provide some promotional materials to help familiarize attendees with your company and culture. A one-page handout or brochure is all you need to help you get the word out.

  • Are you accepting resumes at the job fair?

You should decide in advance what you’re going to do if someone hands you a resume—take it or instruct them to apply online. Even if you don’t accept resumes, take some time to look them over and ask a few questions about their skills and experience. If you have advice for them, give it. That way they will feel as if they benefitted from the event.

  • Come prepared with a list of positions you need to fill.

You don’t know who you might be talking to, so make sure all your people are aware of the open positions in your company. You might even want to make up a cheat sheet for each of them, so they can cover the key points of each job opening.

  • Respond to inquiries and follow up ASAP after the event.

It’s important to follow up and respond to all questions immediately after the event. Job hunting is already stressful, so don’t add to it by keeping them waiting.

  •  Prepare questions or a brief interview to prequalify applicants. 

Small talk is fine, but you’re there to find qualified candidates. Prepare some questions to ask those who seem interested in your company. You can prequalify them, which ensures you aren’t wasting your time, or theirs.

  • Don’t sit.

Either stand in front of your booth or to the side of it. Job fairs can be intimidating to job seekers, so you want to be inviting. Say hello and smile to everyone who walks by.

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