How Managers Can Build a Positive Relationship with Their Employees

Trust. Every vital relationship is built on it, and the connection between managers and workers is no exception. The entire organization suffers when it’s missing, and nothing, including ruling with an iron fist, can take its place.

The top leaders understand that engaged workers are more productive and creative than those who are only working for a paycheck. These passionate workers offer solutions to problems and suggestions for improved processes, and, most importantly, they tend to stick around for the long haul.

And while all of this sounds ideal, it won’t come about without some work. Managers need to be open to changing their approach, if necessary, to foster better relationships with their employees. It’s well worth the effort, and here are some suggestions to get started:

Support your employees at all times

Trouble at home will usually spill over into a worker’s performance on the job. Be sensitive and supportive if you notice one of your people is struggling. Some of the strongest relationships are built around tough times, and managers who respond with kindness and encouragement will be developing them.

Be an effective communicator

Start by leaving your door open at all times. You will establish credibility and trust when you are open and honest about changes within the organization that will affect your workers. Being transparent about the state of the company shows you trust them with sensitive information and makes them feel like an integral part of the business.

Show your listening skills

Listening is a skill that all good managers have acquired because it is every bit as important as dispensing information. It starts by asking your people what is important to them, and then listening carefully to their answers. Acknowledging and following up on their concerns or ideas will show you trust their judgment and value their input. Two-way communication is one of the hallmarks of leadership.

Lead with integrity

The best business leaders are honorable and trustworthy. They say what they’ll do, and they do what they say. You can earn trust and build relationships by keeping your word with your employees. It shows them you are aligned with the company’s values and you can be trusted as a leader.

Resist the temptation to micromanage

Give your workers the freedom to manage their tasks. It’s one more sign you trust them, just as hovering over them demonstrates a lack of faith in their abilities. Relationships are built one block at a time, and giving them autonomy is one of the foundational blocks.

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