Team-Building Tips to Take Your Team to the Next Level

Team-building exercises and workshops can sometimes welcome headaches or a bout of anxiety. From cheesy ice-breakers to too much personal information, team building gets a bad rap, but done professionally and with a clear agenda, it’s incredibly valuable.

Follow these five team-building tips to take your team to the next level. Leave those gimmicks at the door.

  • Create a Common Vision

As a team, create a common vision of where you want to go and how you want to get there. During this vision brainstorming exercise, you can also discuss your current successes among the team. This is a very productive way to boost morale and get the team enthusiastic.

  • Develop Common Goals

Your employees will be more likely to stay motivated and feel valued when they see how their work contributes to larger goals. So, as you develop these goals as a team, they should be understood and supported by every team member to build cohesion and remain productive.

  • Clarify Everyone’s Roles

Without rewriting every job description, you will decide, with your employees, what work each employee will do to help the team achieve their goals and be successful.

  • Use Engaging Exercises

Since the above tips are all extremely important and can be a bit exhausting, it’s important to bring some engaging exercises into the mix to break it up and keep it fresh. Without bringing in silly games, you can hire a professional facilitator who can run activities that are engaging and challenging to keep your employees energized.

  • Spend Time Learning What Everyone Needs

Be sure to gather feedback and suggestions regarding the needs of each of your employees. From more frequent check-ins to additional supplies or training, your team will be more successful if they have what they need to do their jobs in the best ways possible. You can collect input via email questionnaires or surveys, or small focus groups.

Build a Strong Team for Success

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