How a Staffing Agency Can Help You Find Passive Job Seekers

Do you have an open position but can’t find the right talent for the job? Sometimes, the best candidate is not even looking for a job. Those passive candidates are busy working hard for the success of another company, so they have to be convinced that a new opportunity is better.

Recruit a Different Way

How often do you post a position on a job board site, just expecting a candidate with the right experience and expertise to apply? This has become the norm in recruiting, but it’s often ineffective in finding the best candidates for open positions. In fact, industry experts say the labor market is near full employment, so just posting an open position on your website or other sites is not going to recruit the talent you need.

Instead, it’s a good idea to seek out passive job seekers, or workers who already have jobs. While they may not have their resume updated and tailored to your opportunity, most passive job seekers will entertain to hear about a promising opportunity that fits their career goals.

A Staffing Agency Can Find You the Right Passive Candidate

While you could try to dig around on LinkedIn, that approach is very time-consuming and you’ve got other responsibilities on your plate. The better way to recruit passive job seekers is to work with a staffing agency. Here are few reasons why you should let a staffing agency find the best passive job seeker for your company.

  • They have the bandwidth to reach more candidates faster than you can simply because that is their main focus.
  • Staffing agencies work with both companies and professionals to create relationships. Because of this dynamic, they often have an ongoing connection with people they’ve already placed at companies. This means they can easily reach out to the right worker for your open position, even if they aren’t necessarily looking for a job.
  • Candidates who work with professional recruiters understand their representative has their best career interests and goals in mind. When the recruiter recommends a position, the candidate genuinely considers the opportunity because there is a foundation of trust.

Partner With a Staffing Agency & Find the Best Candidate

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