3 Ways to Ensure Your Employees Understand Your Expectations

As a manager, you spend most of your day communicating. Whether it’s an in-person meeting, a conference call, an email, etc. you are communicating with your employees. These various communications may be to give direction, assign tasks, provide feedback or answer questions. Even though you are communicating with your employees throughout the day, do you know if your employees actually understand what you’re saying?

  • Be Specific & Detailed

When you give instructions to your employees, whether verbal or written, you must provide enough detail so your workers can perform the task correctly. In this case, it’s better to give more detail than less. If an employee has to guess what is meant by your instructions, the work will be lacking and not only will you lose productivity, you will cause frustration to build.

Be sure to give as much quantifiable and specific information as possible, including project timelines, budget restrictions, etc.

  • Check for Understanding

After providing your detailed instructions, ask if your employees have any questions on their tasks. Build a culture where questions are encouraged, so workers can be certain of their responsibilities when they begin a project. Extending a distinct invitation to ask questions will help keep your projects running smoothly, keeping production on time and increasing overall success.

  • Follow-Up & Check-In

Throughout the course of the project, be sure to check in with your employees to answer any questions or provide feedback. Be sure to not cross the line into micromanagement, but a good manager should follow up with employees as this keeps everyone on the same page and moving towards success.

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