3 Tips for Successfully Managing Temporary Employees

Adding temporary workers to your company for special projects, seasonal work or any other reason is a great way to increase your productivity, but you do need to make sure you manage them appropriately.

There are a few key differences when it comes to managing temporary workers versus your regular staff. Follow these guidelines to ensure you lead your contingent staff to success.

  • Have a Clear Plan

Before hiring temporary workers for your company, you need to have a clear plan for them. This will help everyone understand their expectations and roles at the company and avoid confusion. Here are some questions you need to answer:

  • What is the approximate length of time you need the temporary workers?
  • What is the scope of the project, and what exactly will it entail?
  • How will you provide all the necessary information to your contract workers throughout their time at the company?

While you don’t want to overload workers with information, you need your temporary workers to be able to slide into work effortlessly.

  • Don’t Treat Them as Second-Class Citizens

Temporary work has grown in popularity over several years for both workers and companies. This group of workers brings a level of expertise that is highly sought-after and beneficial to companies. It’s important that you show how much you value their perspective and skill by treating them just as well as every other worker on your staff. Include them in meetings and work events or activities. They need to have access to all relevant information to do their best work, and by including them in your company culture, you will help them be more integrated into your company, increasing their overall performance as well.

  • Ask for Feedback

Since temporary workers should be considered experts in their area of skill, ask for their feedback and opinions on projects specifically related to their expertise. Just as you would value feedback from your regular staff, encourage your temporaries to give you constructive feedback as well.

Find Qualified Temp Workers to Aid Your Company This Season

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