3 Tips To Help You Avoid Being a Micromanager

Everyone knows that a micromanaging boss hinders the progress of a company reaching its goals, in addition to the day-to-day enjoyment of all your employees. Both outcomes from micromanagement affect the motivation and performance of your employees and can create a negative environment. But sometimes you can find yourself micromanaging by accident.

  • Seek Feedback

It’s common that a manager has all the right intentions in their approach, but their workers are experiencing something different. To be sure that your employees are happy and you are not accidentally micromanaging, gather confidential feedback from your team (you can even have a third party collect this information for you). You may find you need to adjust your management approach slightly.

  • Prioritize What Matters

Many people, including managers, can fall into a trap of trying to achieve too many tasks or goals that aren’t related. If you set too many priorities that all fall on the same level of importance, you only create confusion. Plus, employees become overworked without clear direction. They will begin to question true priorities in addition to the competence of leadership.

  • Know Your Employees’ Limitations

Not every employee will need the same amount of monitoring, and based on their level of training or time at the company, your management should adjust accordingly. You will also adjust how often you monitor an employee’s work based on the urgency or complexity of the project. To avoid falling into micromanagement habits, approach each employee and each project as a unique situation.

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